Programs Offered


PTS Asset Management applies our management techniques primarily to mutual funds and variable annuities. We also manage individual participants’ 401(k) accounts. We maintain a long-term, disciplined, unemotional approach to investment management. Our
pro-active models are designed to monitor numerous technical and fundamental indicators and adjust exposure away from weakening categories. The three investment categories monitored are shown left.
PTS offers dynamic flexible weighting. If an asset class is strengthening, exposure can be over-weighted. Should the asset class weaken, exposure can be under-weighted or eliminated. This technique is designed to have the most exposure to the strongest or best performing asset class. In times of extreme weakness, 100% of a portfolio can be moved into the safety of a money market fund. This is the ultimate way to preserve capital in a declining market. Investors were pleased that PTS had accounts positioned in money market funds prior to September 11th, 2001 and much of the first three years of the new millennium as well as 2008.

Traditional PTS

Risk Tolerances to Meet Investor Needs
No one is in a position to better understand a client’s comfort level than the financial advisor. Prior to completing the application, an assessment is made to best determine the client’s risk tolerance. Based on this review, one or more of the three traditional risk models are chosen: Conservative, Moderate or Growth. The chart below illustrates the maximum exposure to each of the investment buckets.


Allocation Plus

Allocation Plus is a separate, more aggressive service which differs from our traditional program in many ways, including the following:

1. Allocation Plus has both minimum (20%) and maximum (60%) allocations for each asset class. The money market fund is not an option. This product will always be fully invested and as a result have a higher beta than the traditional PTS service.

2. All funds or asset classes will be considered,including short / inverse funds, leveraged funds, and specific sectors such as gold. With short funds being an option, Allocation Plus has the potential to post positive results during a market decline.

3. The service is exclusively offered on our platform. Other investment companies will be considered based on the available menu of funds/sub accounts, trading restrictions, and implementation of our management.